WeReachOut - 2012 Annual Report and Preparations for 2013

Dear Friends,

It's a time to keep our sponsors and supporters up to date on the progress we made in 2012 and prepare for 2013 sponsorships. Here is the summary of our total sponsorships, financial report and reach out programs in 2012.

Total Sponsorships since 2006:

1)      2006 - 17 Students

2)      2007 - 67 Students

3)      2008 - 51 Students

4)      2009 - 60 Students

5)      2010 - 53 Students

6)      2011 - 56 Students

7)      2012 - 73 Students


2012 Financial Report:

Total Sponsorship Contribution Received : $17,684.20

Total Sponsorship Amount Transferred to India : $8,708.00

Total Sponsorship Amount Received in India (FCRA A/C) : Rs 471,272.45

Average Conversion Rate for 2012 : Rs 54.11 for $1 (Rs 471,272.45 / $8,708.00)


Please visit http://www.wereachout.org/FinancialReport.aspx to see our financial report for 2012 and previous years.


For Sponsors: The average conversion rate Rs 54.11/$1 was applied to all your sponsorship in 2012, so please check your balance under your account at www.wereachout.org My Home My Donations section and let us know if you have any questions or clarifications.

You can also monitor updates from your sponsored students at our website at My Home My Students section.

2012 WeReachOut Meetings in US and India:

1)      Annual Meeting on 20th May 2012 at Dublin Civic Center, CA

2)      Students and Volunteers Meeting-1 on 29th July 2012 in Trichy, Tamil Nadu (Admin team members Ram kumar and Srini presented this meeting)

3)      Students and Volunteers Meeting-2 on 28th December 2012 in Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu (Admin team members Richard Solomon, Fr.Stanislaus, Anthony Rajan and Appa Thurai presented this meeting)


Overall we made good progress in 2012, we had some of our old sponsors coming back to sponsoring the needy students they have identified through their local contacts in India, which is really great. This is what helps this platform to serve its purpose and sustainable in the long-run. We also had more new sponsors joining WeReachOut in 2012, many of them extended their support by bringing new sponsors through their social networks and made this platform useful to many well wishers to make a difference.

Volunteers for 2013:

We need volunteers to plan for the following activities this year,

1)      New admin team members for WeReachOut (Just 2 hours on a monthly basis if possible)

2)      Coordinators for WeReachOut 2013 Annual Meeting

3)      Coordinators for WeReachOut Youth Programs


The admin team will be meeting in the 2nd week of February to come up with a plan for 2013, please let us know if you can volunteer to coordinate any of these events or interested in joining our admin team meeting from next month.


We were able to serve 73 needy students and their sponsors last year with your generous contribution and support towards this organizations mission. Thank you so much for making the year 2012 a new beginning for WeReachOut to continue its journey.


Please visit www.wereachout.org for more information or call us at (408) 368 7568 for any questions or clarifications.


Thank you,

On Behalf of WeReachOut Team

Richard Solomon

(408) 368 7568