2020 Sponsorship Updates – Happy Thanksgiving!


Dear Friends and Family,


Hope you are all doing great and are getting ready for the holiday season.

2020 has been an unusual year for everyone. We couldn’t plan our regular tournament and fundraisers like before during this year, but our sponsorships are in progress to reach out to the deserving students on time with the help of our sponsors and volunteers in both places. 

We were able to reach out to 161 students last year (2019) and we have reached out to 112 students so far this year (2020) in three batches with your generosity. The sponsorship distribution for the 4th batch is in progress right now.

We normally use the funds collected from the previous year for our current year sponsorships, so any support we get this year will help us to plan for next year’s sponsorships. We all know it’s a challenging time for many, but if you feel like making a contribution towards this reach out program, please consider making a check payable to WeReachOut and send it to the following address or use the Donate option on our website to donate via PayPal.

P.O. Box 718,
Tracy, CA – 95376

Special Notes For Sponsors:

We have updated all your donations and sponsorships until last month (October 2020), so please login to your account at our portal to review your sponsorships/balance and let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Please check the following URL’s for more details.

1.    Student Looking for Sponsorships
2.    Sponsoring a Student
3.    Sponsorship History
4.    Financial Reports

Following are a few thank you notes from our sponsored students this year.

STU-376:  I’m so blessed to have this sponsorship and I cannot thank you enough. This sponsorship has given me a boost in my confidence to pursue a career in a field that I think I will be successful in. Thanks for all your support.

STU-558:  I really thank you whole heartily. It makes me put more effort and realize how to help other people.

STU-567:  Thank you so much, I will study well, get into a good job and help others.

STU-569:  This sponsorship was very helpful to me, thank you for continuing your service during this corona season. 

STU-674:  Thank you so much, I will never forget this help and I will help students like me in the future.

STU-681:  I will help struggling students like me for their higher studies in future.

Similar thank you notes from other students are available on our portal under their sponsors account.

The one take away point from going through all the thank you messages is that most of these students want to become successful in life to help others like how you are helping them when they are in need. That is the impact we all make in these students’ lives through this reach out program.

We sincerely thank you all for your generosity and continuous support to our team to facilitate this service. 

Our Special Thanks:

We thank Mr. Srini (WRO admin in India) and his family and friends for going an extra mile to make all these sponsorships possible in India this year. 

We also sincerely thank Fr. Stanislaus for his support and his career and personality development services to our students from southern districts (Kanyakumari, Tirunelveli and Tuticorin).

The need is huge for many students due to the lockdown, so please visit our Sponsoring a Student page to learn more about our sponsorship process and make a difference in these students' lives through your generosity.


 How can you help?


There is nothing too small or too insignificant that you can do to help WeReachOut. Everyone has the potential to make a difference by offering their support to this program.


Join as a free member to receive updates and spread the message about WeReachOut with your friends and social networks to make use of this platform and reach out to any deserving students from their neighborhoods through sponsorship.



Join as a volunteer to organize WeReachOut promotional events, raise awareness about this reach out program, and to find more sponsors and reach more needy students back in India.



Sponsor a student from the list of well deserving students identified by WeReachOut from our Students-In-Need section or check this How To Sponsor a student section to start your sponsorship based on your preference.


Take the first step today by signing up with WeReachOut using your E-mail id and/or by sending an E-mail to info@wereachout.org mentioning your interest.

Thank you,
WeReachOut Team

"There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up." ~John Holmes


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