Update on our upcoming Decennial Anniversary Celebrations and Throwball Event Summary

Dear Friends,

Greetings to you all!

Hope you all doing great, itís a time to keep you all updated with our progress in the past couple of months and plans for our upcoming Decennial Anniversary Celebrations on December 12th at Mayuri Restaurant, Santa Clara, CA.


1.       We hosted our first Ladies Throwball Tournament at the Lake Elizabeth Central Park in Fremont, it was very successful and we were able generate $5,632.86 from this event towards our sponsorships for this year. Following is the account summary from this event.

Throwball Event Account Summary


Fund Generated By Category



Team Registration Fees



Sponsorships at the Event



Additional Sponsorships/Donations & Gift Match



Food/Carnival/Raffle/Tea-Vada - Balance


Total Income


Total Expense


Net Income


Please visit http://www.wereachout.org/Events.aspx to view the results, album and sponsored students from this event.

Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all the volunteers, youths, players and sponsors for their generous support and involvement as family to make it possible. This is our first event and it made a huge difference in our sponsorships so far this year.

2.       We were able to distribute sponsorships for 100 students totaling ₹ 647,000.00 ($10,761.75) from all the funds collected and sponsorships received so far this year. We are in the process of updating our sponsors account for all these sponsorships using the conversion rate 60.12 (₹ 647,000.00/$10,761.75) to reflect in your account. We still have more students waiting for sponsorships in our http://www.wereachout.org/StudentsInNeed.aspx page, please check their details and let us know if you are interested in sponsoring any of them from this list.


3.       This is our 10th year in service, we will be hosting this special WeReachOut Decennial Anniversary Celebrations on December 12th at 7:00 pm Mayuri Restaurant, Santa Clara, CA this year.It will be a fun filled ticked event to present the overall progress, find new sponsors and generate fund towards our sponsorships in 2015, we already sent an evite to mostly those who are in Bay Area to join and show your support to this reach out program to continue its services. Please try to join this special event and feel free to invite your friends to make this platform beneficial to more well wishers as we move forward.


Please visit http://www.wereachout.org/CompletedProjects.aspx to know more about all the projects we have completed since 2004.


For Cultural Events:Please visit http://www.wereachout.org/culturalevents.aspx to register your kids for cultural events (we are planning around 10 kidís event this year).

How can you help?

a)    Help us find needy students from your district/city through your trusted contacts.

b)    Sponsor well deserving students identified by our volunteers at http://www.wereachout.org/StudentsInNeed.aspx or help us find sponsors by spreading the message about this reach out program.

c)    Like us on https://www.facebook.com/wereachoutpage, write about this reach out program and share with your friends.


Please visit www.wereachout.org  for more information or call us at (408) 368 7568 for any questions or clarifications.

Thank you,

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Ramkumar Rangaraj

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