WeReachOut, a California based non-profit organization held its annual meet at Dublin Civic Center, Dublin, CA on May 20th, 2012.

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WeReachOut (http://www.wereachout.org) is a volunteer-operated non-profit organization without any religious or political affiliation, focused on reaching out to well deserving students in India through educational sponsorship programs.


Founded in late 2004 in CA, USA with a passion to serve from what we believe and how we can be helpful to others from what we have learned and experienced over the years.


After engaging in different types of projects for more than a year, ranging from helping inmates of orphanages to victims of 2004 Tsunami in India, WeReachOut has decided to focus on education from January 2006 to break all the barriers in someoneís life with a permanent solution.


WeReachOut provides a platform with free, reliable and convenient services for its members and sponsors to reach out any well deserving student from their hometown, social network, or educational institution in India through its personalized educational sponsorship programs with all the tracking capabilities they need to see its impact on their studentís life in the long-run.


WeReachOut 2012 Annual Meet Ė Program Highlights

Welcome address was given by Richard Solomon, Chairman. He started his welcome speech by thanking everyone behind this reach out programs since the beginning. He thanked all the volunteers and sponsors who helped to reach out to many needy students back in India with their generous contributions since 2004 and solicited their continuous support for this reach out program. Richard shared one of the driving factors behind his involvement with WeReachOut and why he believes in this reach out program. He shared some of his own challenges in getting admission for vocational courses even after scoring good marks and highlighted how WeReachOut can help students like this to progress further in their career.


Sponsor Testimonial was presented by Veeraragavan Gopalakrishnan, WeReachOut's long-time sponsor shared his experience in sponsoring a studentís through WeReachOut and how itís helping his student in their study. Also highlighted other benefits for sponsors like 100% their contribution goes to their sponsored students, all contributions are tax deductible and complete transparency in fund transfer through WeReachOut portal with all the tracking capabilities to manage sponsorship and view the entire history of all your sponsorship.


WeReachOut Roadmap was presented by Ramkumar Rangarai, President. He thanked all the families for joining us on this special day and requested everyone to help WeReachOut by spreading the word about the program, invite their friends and family members to the future event. Ramkumar presented our future plan to engage kids in various cultural activities to promote this organizations mission and reach out to more deserving students.


Children entertained the audience with dance and music programs. Apart from making their lives meaningful, it was also a fun-filled event for the children.


Sponsored Students Testimonial videos were screened in the event to understand the impact of this educational sponsorship program in their life.


Vote of Thanks was given by Ramesh, He thanked everyone involved in organizing and coordinating kids dance, music and other fun events for their time and effort to make this event very successful and memorable.








For more information about WeReachOut and its services, please visit www.wereachout.org