Dear Friends,


Thank you for coming and sharing this special time with us. We hope you know that our day was more special because you were there with us. We'll never forget the great experience we had together. We're so happy you were able to make it to our event.

We thank our MC Julit Aru who did a wonderful job in keeping the entire program rolling from start to the end. She added more insight to our gathering by bringing in real-time values about families along with her little angel Nila.

We Thank Veeraragavan Gopalakrishnan who did an amazing job in kick starting the event in a meaningful way. His words got our minds prepared for the summit.         

We Thank Dwarak Jayaraman who did fantastic job with his crisp message about WRO. It was short but to the point valuable information.

We Thank Prakash Ramachandran who did a spectacular job updating all 2015 sports events. He provided all details about raised money and sponsored students. His small video clip was just inspiring.

Our sincere thanks to all wonderful performers:


1.   Amazing Little Dancers: Srivani Daya, Janani Shankar and Christine Francis

2.   Bollywood Little Dancers: Aathamika Dwarak, Priyanka Acharya and Anjana Marella

3.   Danda Nakka Dudes: Rohit Ram, Melvin Mathew, Iniyan Sasikumar, Vishjit          Chandramonhan, Kevin Mathew, Rithik Ram and Sunjeeth Chandramohan

4.   VJ Mix Dancers: Hannah Johnson and Larisha Martin

5.   Amazing Friends: Lakshmi, Raji, Viji, Jenny , Hema, Geetha, Pratheeba and Bhuvana


Srividya N, Frederick Richard, Arthi Jega, Keerthana Ravi Shankar, Asmitha Kumaran, Raj Arockiaraj, Agnes James, Stefanie Richard, Jocelyn John, Ruben

Rock Band:

1.   Harish Krishnasamy (Lead Guitarist , Victor Bethapudy(Bass Guitarist), Nirmal Steve (Drums), Hannah Johnson (Keyboard), Anush Harish (Keyboard) and Rohit Ram (Drums)

2.   Prabhu Peter (Singer), Shiny Ingrid (Singer), Sruti Katherasan (Singer) and Aksitha Jaga (Singer)           

We thank our DINNER Sponsor Jega and Anandhi family for their kindness and generosity. Thanks Jega for the wonderful message about reaching out to others from within, yes we need to reach in first to find the joy within ourselves and the sharing happens in that process. It was truly an inspiring take home message from our event.

We also thank Felix Dhanaraj, one of our long-term sponsor and supporter since the beginning of WRO for recognizing all our effort and family hours behind hosting this kind of events.

We thank our DINNER coordinators Ramesh S and Shankar P who did a fabulous job in finding an awesome deal breaking tasty food.

We thank our photo, videographers Kumaran and Jega for capturing all the memorable moments.

We thank our front desk coordinators Jerry Louis and Martin Raja for welcoming our families and friends and taking care of the dinner ticket sale.

We want to extend our THANKS to all our selfless INCREDITABLE volunteer’s team without whom it would have been impossible to put up an incredible show like this.

1.   Ajith Peter

2.   Francis Xavier

3.   Veeraragavan Gopalakrishnan

4.   Ramesh Sathiyam

5.   Shankar Prassanan

6.   Dwarak Jayaraman

7.   Prakash Ramachandran

8.   Daya Pv

9.   Varadharajan Sethuraman

10. Sudhakar T

Hope you enjoyed the show. Please send your comments to

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How can you help?

1.     Help us find needy students from your district/city through your trusted contacts.


2.     Sponsor well deserving students identified by our volunteers at or help us find sponsors by spreading the message about this reach out program.


3.     Like or share our facebook page with your contacts to create awareness about this reach out program.


4.     High school student volunteers to help us in our event and they can use those hours towards their volunteer work since we are 501(c) organization.

Please visit for more information or call us at (408) 368 7568 for any questions or clarifications.


Advance Happy Thanksgiving and have a wonderful holidays!!!

Thank you,

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Ram Rangaraj

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