2019 Sponsorship Updates – Happy Thanksgiving!


Dear Friends and Family,


It's a season of thanksgiving! At WeReachOut we all feel so thankful for your continuous support to this reach out program for almost 15 years now. Thank you so much for your generosity and support to enable many well wishers to make a difference in the lives of many well deserving students and their families back in India.

We normally plan our annual meet around this time, but we haven’t planned anything for this year and decided to support our team member Jerry’s plan for a small fund raising dinner in the Pleasanton area on 6th December (Friday 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm). So if you are in the Bay Area and are interested in supporting this fund raising dinner event, please reply to this email and we will send the details to join the event.

Thank you notes from our sponsored students

Following are a few thank you notes from our sponsored students to realize the impact of your sponsorships during this Thanksgiving season.

STU-720:  First of all, I thank you for your big help, it is a very big help for my studies, I will do my best and your help will never be forgotten.

STU-695:  Thank you very for your great help in my studies, I’m doing well in my studies. I do assure you of my prayers for you and your family.

STU-255: This scholarship amount is very useful for my studies, it reduces my parent’s pressure and strengthens me in my studies.

STU-653: Thank you very much for this help, I will also join you and help others in the future.

STU-668: Thank you for your valuable help, I will do my best and serve our country. I will also help others.

STU-521: It’s a great help in my career, and it give me a great responsibility to serve the society.

STU-519: I will study well and help other kids like me when I get a good job.

STU-560:  I heart fully thank you for your kind sponsorship to my education. I assure you I will put my entire efforts to make your sponsorship valuable as well as to serve the society. Thank you once again. 

STU-592: I will put my full effort on my academic performance and help the future generation.

STU-648: Your sponsorship is very helpful to my college studies, I will try my best to help other students after my graduation.

STU-590: Thank you so much for your sponsorship, it helped my many financial problems, I will help the students like me after I have grown up.

Similar thank you notes from other students are available on our portal for their sponsors.

Our Special Thanks:

We also want to take this moment to share our special thanks to Mr. Srinivasan (WRO Admin) in India and his family for their support in collecting all these updates from every sponsored student and making them available to their sponsors on our portal.

2019 - Sponsorship Update:

We were able to reach out to 149 students in total this year and are still in the process of completing the sponsorship for 9 more students. We had some challenges in distributing sponsorships through our regular FCRA authorized partner organizations this year, which caused some delays and we ended up making a direct transfer to some of our students account. 

2019 - Tournaments Update:

We had very successful volleyball and throw-ball tournaments with the support from many well wishers, volunteers and players. Thank you all for making it possible this year.

Following is the summary from our tournament this year.


No Account Summary Amount ($)
1 Total Volleyball Registration Fees $1,530.00
2 Total Throw-ball Registration Fees $720.00
3 Total Sponsorships at the Booth $1,577.00
4 Total Sponsorship Amount (1+2+3) $3,827.00
5 Total No.of Sponsorships 47 Students
6 Total No.of New Sponsors 16 New Sponsors
7 Total Operational Expense $1,436.66
8 Operational Expense Covered $425.00
9 Net Operational Expense $‭1,011.66

Note: Operational expenses will be covered by our team and corporate gift matches.

2019 Tournaments Album URL 

Please check our website for Tournament results and team sponsorships.


 How can you help?


There is nothing too small or too insignificant that you can do to help WeReachOut. Everyone has the potential to make a difference by offering your support to this program.


Join as a free member to receive updates and spread the message about WeReachOut with your friends and social networks to make use of this platform and reach out to any deserving students from their neighborhood through sponsorship.



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Sponsor a student from the list of well deserving students identified by WeReachOut from our Students-In-Need section or check this How To Sponsor a student section to start your sponsorship based on your preference.


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