Hello WeReachOut Sponsors and Volunteers,


Sometimes People in India say we are gifted to live in US. In a way they are correct, in my
opinion "Gifted" means a donor who can Donate/Gift somebody to help them in any means.  During my recent visit to India, On Behalf of you all, I had the privilege to attend WeReachOut Annual meet in India.


I was so touched to see WeReachOut students and their parents, It was so encouraging to hear
that our efforts have started to pay off. Nearly around 40+ cheques (Rs.1,40,000) were distributed to the students in this meeting followed by 33 more sponsorship distribution last month. From their heart, they were "Thanking you and your Family" for the contributions and support.


Please visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/WeReachOut/172802122746169?sk=photos to see the pictures from this event.


I would like to thank Srinivasan and his family for their dedicated involvement in WeReachOut
and making huge difference in Student's lives. Srini we really appreciate your efforts and
have no words to say other than a "Big Thank you" from US team.


So far we were able to take care of 73 students this year with all your generous contribution and we still have around 30 students in our list looking for sponsorship. Please check http://www.wereachout.org/StudentsInNeed.aspx to know more about these students and let us know if you are interested in sponsoring any of these students this year.


Once again, thank you so much for all your generous support for this organization to make a difference.  


Questions or Comments?

Feel free to call us at (408) 368 7568 or send us an email at contact@wereachout.org


Thank you,

Ram Kumar

President of WeReachOut