Thank you for making the 2nd Annual Volleyball Tournament a Grand Success!

Dear Friends and Family,


Thank you so much for your participation in the WeReachOut (WRO) 2nd Annual Volleyball Tournament. It turned out to be a wonderful success. In all, we raised $5,077.00 to support education for underprivileged children in India.

We could not have done it without you, your team, volunteers, sponsors and supporters help. It really turned out to be an enjoyable and exciting day. With your support, we hope to make this an annual event that will bring the community together and raise funds for the organization .Your generosity is humbling and inspiring. Your participation means a lot.  Please do let us know of any suggestions for improvements next year and WRO can assure that the event gets better every year.

Though there are numerous people to thank, WRO would like to recognize some of the individuals for their “Philanthropic Contribution” in supporting and promoting the organization and its charter.


·         We thank Deena from 8K radio to come and participate in the volleyball tournament and publish the sound bites in 8k radio.

·         We sincerely express our gratitude and thanks to Mrs Shabari Shetty who prepared food for volunteers and also donated all the proceeds to WeReachout.

·         WRO also want to recognize Manish who supported the organization by pulling in many teams for this event.

·         We also like to appreciate the enthusiasm, goodwill and efforts put by kids Srihari and Sricharan to campaign and sell lemonade to the players.

·         We had eight courts to conduct the tournament, around 200 lunches were dispensed that day and such a tough task was made that much easier because of the great work of people like Ramesh, Shankar, Francis, Veera, Varatha, Anson, Sudhakar, Victor, Chandra, Renuka, Jenny, Hema, Lakshmi, Pratheeba, Surya, Archita, Cathy, William & Team. Thank you so much for your support.


Thank you all once again for your kindness, generosity, time and effort that you have put into making the event such a huge success.


Here is a quick recap of our 2nd Annual Volleyball Tournament:

1)      29 Teams, 200+ players participated from all over the Bay area. A total of 270+ people witnessed in the event.


2)      24 students are sponsored by the registration fees collected and 13 students are sponsored by the individual sponsors. Each team is assigned one student.


3)      37 Students are sponsored by 35 sponsors in total which includes 17 new sponsors.


4)      Total amount collected – Embedded spreadsheet (last page) contains the sponsorship information



2015- Volleyball Tournament - Highlevel Summary


Total No.of Sponsorships

37 Students


Total No.of Sponsors

35 Sponsors


Total No.of New Sponsors

17 New Sponsors


Total Fund Raised



Total Sponsorships to 37 Students



Total Operational Expense



Remaining Balance



Please visit to see the results with a list of student sponsored by your teams.


#5) Winners and Runners - Congratulations to the Winners and Runners of the tournament.



Silver Winners - Royal Tigers

Silver Runners - M.H  Ameya


Gold Winners - Seven Monkeys

Gold Runners - M.H Spikers



Winners - Wet Boys

Runners - 6 Idiots



Winners - Googly

Runners - Mighty Hitters



Winners - Rockstars

Runners - Blockbusters


Ø  The provided URL is the photo album captured from the event as a memento.

How can you help?

a)    Help us find needy students from your district/city through your trusted contacts or that you personally endorse.

b)    Sponsor well deserving students identified by our volunteers at or help us find sponsors by spreading the message about this reach out program.

c)    Like us on, write about this reach out program and share with your friends.


Note: Our mobile payment service provider Minkasu is supporting WeReachOut by adding $10 on your first payment using Minkasu App from App Store or Google Play. Simply enter the payment code WRO or click here for the barcode to checkout from Minkasu App on your mobile.

For now, WeReachOut want to say thank you to everyone! We will be back again next year and look forward to greeting our entire community at this fun event! 

Please visit  for more information or call us at (408) 368 7568 for any questions that you may have.

Thank you,

On Behalf of WeReachOut Team

Ram Rangaraj


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