WeReachOut - 2013 Annual Report and Plans for 2014

Dear Friends,

Hope you are all doing great, we have so much going on at WeReachOut and it’s a time to keep you all informed with our progress in 2013 and plans for this year.

Here is the summary of our sponsorships, progress, and financial report from 2013.

1.      No.of Sponsorships since 2006

1)            2006 - 17 Students

2)             2007 - 67 Students

3)             2008 - 51 Students

4)             2009 - 60 Students

5)            2010 - 53 Students

6)            2011 - 56 Students

7)            2012 - 73 Students

8)             2013 - 118 Students

2.      2013 – Highlights

We have a new board of directors with so much energy and passion to take this reach out program to the next level. Please visit http://www.wereachout.org/AboutUs.aspx to for detail.

We were able to make a little difference in the lives of 118 students in 2013 with all your generous support, 39 students out of this 118 was identified by their sponsors through their local contacts in India. This is a good new, we encourage our sponsors to use this platform to reach out to the well deserving students they identify through their local contacts back in India to make it more effective and see the impact in the long-run. We also continue to find a manageable list of well deserving students through our volunteers and make them available in our Students in Need for sponsorships.

Our secretary Bala formed a small group of sponsors in Indianapolis, Indiana and is spreading the message about this reach out program in his area.

We hosted our first Thanksgiving Dinner & Dance Fundraising event in 2013 in the Bay Area, it was a very successful WeReachOut family event and we plan to continue this program every year with all your support to prepare for the next years sponsorship.

3.      2013 – Financial Report


Total Sponsorship Amount Balance from 2012                                              :   $8,040.11

Total Sponsorship Contribution Received in 2013                                          :   $6,535.24

Total fund raised from our thanksgiving event                                              :   $5,870.00

Total Corporate Gift Match                                                                            :   $1,500.00


Total Income in 2013                                                                                      :  $21,945.35



1st round of sponsorship amount transferred to sponsor 91 students          : $9,514.47

Conversion rate applied to this transfer        (Rs. 582,000.00)                      : Rs. 61.17/$1.00


2nd round of sponsorship amount transferred to sponsor 27 students         : $4,425.13

Conversion rate applied to this transfer        (Rs. 272,800.00)                      : Rs. 61.65/$1.00


Total Sponsorship Expenses in 2013 (1st + 2nd Transfers)                               : $13,939.60

Thanksgiving Buffet Expenses                                                                        :   $2,120.00

Total Operational Expenses in 2013                                                               :   $1,380.22

(Total includes the $2,120 paid for buffet in our thanksgiving event)           -----------------

Total Expenses in 2013                                                                                   : $17,439.82


Net Balance in 2013:

Total Income                                       : $21,945.35

Total Expense                                      : $17,439.82


Remaining Balance from 2013           : $4,505.53



Please visit http://www.wereachout.org/FinancialReport.aspx to see our financial report for 2013 and previous years.


We assure 100% of your contribution going towards your student, all the operational expenses including the expenses related to our first thanksgiving event last year will be covered by the admin team this time. This is mainly to encourage all our participants to experience impact of this reach out program, we will find small businesses and corporate sponsors to cover these expenses in the future.

Please check your balance under your account at www.wereachout.org à My Home à My Donations section and let us know if you have any questions or clarifications. You can also print your yearly donation summary/receipt in this section by selecting 2013 for your tax filing purpose.

4.      Plan for 2014


This is our 10th year in service, we’ve made a very good progress over the years and we will continue to grow with all your support and make it sustainable as we move forward.

Here is the summary of what we are planning for this year.

1.      Increase the no. of volunteers to helps us create more awareness about this reach out program.

2.      Continue to reach more well deserving students by increasing the no.of sponsors through our services.

3.      Hosting a Volleyball Tournament on April 12th, 2014 from 9:00 am to 5:00 PM in Sunnyvale, CA.

4.      Organizing our 10th year anniversary program during summer to find more sponsorship.

5.      Continuing our thanksgiving dinner fund raiser event in November to prepare for next year.

We will be checking with our 118 sponsored students to see how many on them are qualified for 2014 sponsorships and make them available in our Students-In-Need page in the next couple of months. You can also help us find well deserving students through your network if you know someone who can benefit from this reach out program.

5.      Volunteers for our  Volleyball Tournament


We’ve started this New Year by planning a special volleyball tournament on April 12th, 2014 from 9:00 am to 5:00 PM in Sunnyvale, CA and looking for more volunteers to help us host this event. Please visit http://www.wereachout.org/TeamRegistration.aspx to register your team and feel free to contact Robert Marshal at 650-455-8782 or email marshal_robert@yahoo.com for any questions or clarifications about this tournament.


We are making a slow and steady progress over these years and we feel so happy to share these updates with you all from our progress in 2013. Please check some of our student’s ambitions and their background at our website when you have sometime.  Thank you so much for your generosity and the continuous support to sustain this reach out program.


Please visit www.wereachout.org  for more information or call us at (408) 368 7568 for any questions or clarifications.


Thank you,

On Behalf of WeReachOut Team

Richard Solomon

(408) 368 7568



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