Dear Friends,

Hope you are all doing great and getting ready for Thanks Giving parties with your friends and family members.  That reminds us to realize how much we are thankful to all of your help and continuous support to this organization to serve well deserving students on their educational needs back in India.

First of all, thank you so much for your believe in our organizations service with your generous support and contributions.  That’s truly a motivation for us to do better and continue this journey to reach more deserving students to do better in their studies in the upcoming years. 

On the Thanks Giving note, I just thought of scanning through some of the “Thank you” letters from our sponsored students and share their messages with you to realize how much impact your sponsorship had made on their education in different ways.  Following are some of those thank you notes from your sponsored students.

 STU 407: I thank the sponsor for supporting me for my education. I am so grateful to you for your kind help. I promise you that I will satisfy your expectation.

STU 405: Thank you very much. I will be ever grateful to you. I assure you that I will work hard and do my level best. I once again thank the sponsor from my depth of my heart.

STU 391(Translated from Tamil): Thank you sir, I will use your sponsorship only for my education, I will study well and come out as a good person.

STU 387: Respected Sir, Today I have received the check for Rs 10,000.00. Thank you for the same, I hope and sure to say I will get good marks in all semesters in future.

STU 375(Translated from Tamil): Thank you so much for helping my daughter (4th grade) from our hearts. This sponsorship is helping her to score good mark in her studies and art class. We will encourage her to do better in her studies (By her mother).

STU 372(Translated from Tamil): I want to thank my sponsor first for his sponsoring me. I will remember your help and study well to become successful. After that I will help poor kids from whatever I can in future. Again, thank you so much to my sponsor.

STU 365: I am very happy for your sponsorship. I really thank you sir, I will pray for you and I will help others once I finish my studies.

STU 361: Respected sir, First of all I thank our almighty for your kind heart. I joined civil branch in my college and received your sponsorship. This will be helpful for my next step, I am sure that I started climbing up the ladder of bring future through your helping hand. Thank you very much.

STU 255(Translated from Tamil): Respected sir, Thanks, you have shown me a new way to continue my education. I will study well to get good score this year and keep you posted with my progress very often.

STU 252 (Just typing this student message in her own words): Good evening sir, Nenga help pannathuku rumba, rumba Thank you sir. I am very happy. Nanum nalla padichi yellarukum help pannuven sir. Yellarukum God help panna neraa varamatanga, but unga mulama antha help ennaku kidaichuthu sir. I thank you for your sponsorship. Thank you sir.

STU 222: I am so thankful for your sponsorship. I would surely study well and do my service for poor children who suffer a lot.

STU213: Thank you very much for your timely help to continue my education. I am assure that I will also help others education in future.

You can also view the scanned version of the entire Thank you letter from your “My Students” section on our website if you are a sponsor of any of these students.

Overall, we were able to provide sponsorship for 73 students this year, also received two more sponsorship this week which makes the total to 75 students as of today.  So we are thankful to all your help in reaching out to these students when they are in need at their young age with your generous support and contribution. God bless you all abundantly with good health & all that you need to share your blessings with those who are in need.

Please visit to learn more about how to use this platform to help any well deserving student from your own neighborhood/hometown or any needy students identified by WeReachOut volunteers in India. You can also call me at (408) 368 7568 for any questions or clarifications in our process.

Wish You All Very Happy Thanks Giving!

Thank you,

On Behalf of WeReachOut Team

Richard Solomon

(408) 368 7568