WeReachOut Updates for 2019 Sponsorship 


Dear Friends and Family,


Hope you all are doing great!

We have some important updates that we would like to share with you to get ready for our 2019 sponsorships.

2018 Sponsorship Summary:

We were able to reach out to 154 well deserving students with your generous support and well wishes to share the burden of these students and their families last year (2018).

We had seven 10th grade students, sixteen 11th grade students, and thirteen 12th grade students appear for public exams under the new scoring model in Tamil Nadu and performed well in their exams last year. 
Thank you so much for your inspiration and support for these students.

Also we took care of all our tax filings on time and we have a carryover of $10,537.00 as a balance from last year to plan for this year’s sponsorship.

Please visit the Financial Report section on our website to see our financial report for 2018 and prior years.

We encourage our sponsors to log into their account at our portal to track their donations and sponsorship's by year and let us know if you have any questions or comments.

2019 Sponsorship:

We do need your continuous support to meet our goal to support a minimum of 150 students this year, so please visit our Students In Need page when you have some time to make a difference in their lives through your generosity.

Our model is to eliminate the obstacles for well wishers to reach out to the future generations in their location and make an impact. So here are some of the tips to find the well deserving students from your neighborhood in India for your sponsorship. 

1.    Students without an earning member in their family.
2.    First one to go to school or college from a financially weak family.
3.    Students from a family without a parent or other family members to support.
4.    Students giving up education to look after their family. Local school teachers are a better source of contact to identify these kinds of students.
5.    Students with high ambition from a financially weak background, missing a support system to pay for their entrance exam preparations, etc.
6.    Students involved in social impact projects with a great sense of responsibility and struggling to pay for their school and college fee. 

Normally our local friends and teachers are the best resources to help us find the right students for sponsorship. Please visit our Sponsoring a Student page to know more about our sponsorship process.

2019 Events:

As you all know, we normally host two main events every year to spread the word about this reach out program and generate funds for sponsorship. This year we have scheduled “September 21st, 2019 - Ash Street Park, Newark, CA for our Volleyball and Throwball tournaments". We are looking into different dates for our annual meet to increase more well wishers participation this year and we will keep you posted with the details once it’s confirmed.

The funds generated through these events will help us take care of our student’s sponsorship for this year and plan for the next year. So we are looking forward to your continuous support and generosity to make it meaningful.

 How can you help?


There is nothing too small or too insignificant that you can do to help WeReachOut. Everyone has the potential to make a difference by offering your support to this program.


Join as a free member to receive updates and spread the message about WeReachOut with your friends and social networks to make use of this platform and reach out to any deserving students from their neighborhood through sponsorship.



Join as a volunteer to organize WeReachOut promotional events, raise awareness about this reach out program to find more sponsors and reach more needy students back in India.



Sponsor a student from the list of well deserving students identified by WeReachOut from our Students-In-Need section or check this How To Sponsor a student section to start your sponsorship based on your preference.


Take the first step today by signing up with WeReachOut using your E-mail id and/ or by sending an E-mail to mentioning your interest.

Thank you,
WeReachOut Team

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