WeReachOut – Preparing for 2013 Sponsorship

Dear Friends,

Hope you are all doing great, we have some updates we would like to share with you towards our sponsorships for the next academic year starting June 2013.  As we all know, the +2 results have been released in many southern states last week and many well deserving students from our old schools or neighborhood may be looking for some help around this time period to make right decision in their career. So please talk to your parents/teachers back in India and see how you can use WeReachOut to help someone to continue their education this year. You don't have to be a sponsor to make a difference, just a little hope for well deserving students by identifying them through your local contacts and spread the message with like minded people in your social network to find sponsorship. Most of these students need someone to speak for them since many of them are in a very vulnerable situation at this stage and you can be that someone helping them using this platform. Let's take the first step by identifying the right students from this year’s +2/10th result and we can definitely find sponsors.


Last year (2012) we were able to sponsor 73 students from the total sponsorship amount $8,708.00 with all your generous contributions and support. This year, we are planning to raise $10K to continue our sponsorships to all our qualified existing students and additional +2/10th students identified by WeReachOut volunteers. It's an achievable target, but we can do better by encouraging other like minded people in our network to make use of this platform to reach more needy students from their hometown based on their own selection criteria.


Regarding promotional/fund raising events: We are in the process of collecting needy students detail for this year’s sponsorship and still waiting for the 10th results to be published later this month in India. We will plan a small fund raising event once we have enough students in our Student-In-Need page and organize this event with all your support.


Recent Updates:

We have upgraded our website to make it little more dynamic in sending updates to our sponsors without losing the integrity of all the existing sponsorship details in our system since 2006. It’s not complete yet, we will be making further improvements to make it easy to maintain with our resources/volunteers to serve more sponsors and students in future. The updates are,


1)      Sponsors will be notified whenever we post any updates/reports from their sponsored students with an option to turn off these notifications if they think it’s little too much going forward.


2)      Provided an option to subscribe to our updates/newsletter without becoming a registered member or unsubscribe from receiving any updates in future if not interested.


3)      Please check "My Home" page if you are a sponsor to see how many students benefitted from your help with their updates and all your contribution towards this reach out program with balance since 2006.


4)      The "My Profile" section allows sponsors to turn on/off 1) Sponsorship Progress Notifications, 2) Subscription to newsletter and 3) Display sponsor name as Anonymous based on their preferences.


5)      Option to share sponsorship amount between sponsors to sponsor a particular student (The $120 or $240 can come from more than one sponsor to sponsor a 10th or +2 students) and independently track their progress.


6)      Students Privacy: We had some concerns over displaying student’s pictures/testimonial videos for public on our website for long time, discussed this with our volunteers on the field in India and made necessary changes in this release. The public (non-registered) users still can see student’s gender/age/grade/marks/city to make their decision towards sponsorship, but only the registered members can view needy student’s complete details like name, pictures and family details to make an informed decision for their sponsorship. All our sponsored students detail and updates will be available only to their sponsors. 


7)      Testimonials: We have a framework in place for sponsors to share their testimonials about how this platform is helping them to make a difference in others life, they can also edit or change the visibility of their testimonials (private or public) from the My Home section based on their preference. We will make it available when we start receiving testimonials from sponsors.


8)      Sponsoring Students listed in our Students in Need page:

a.       Decided to focus only on 10th and +2 students from local language medium (Tamil Medium Students from Tamil Nadu) with minimum 70% marks in their public exam.


b.      The 10th Students will receive Rs 5,000 to do better in their high school.


c.       The +2 Students will receive Rs 10,000 to continue their education to college or other vocational training.


9)      Sponsoring a Student Identified By Sponsor:

a)      There is no limit/criteria from WeReachOut for the students identified by sponsors since they are simply using this platform/services to help a needy student they see as a fit for their sponsorship based on their own selection criteria.


b)      WeReachOut cannot commit to continue the sponsorship for the students identified by sponsors if they decided to drop their sponsorship after a year or so. We can list them in our Students In Need page to find sponsors if they fall under our student selection criteria.


10)   WeReachOut has been included into PG & E's list of approved non-profit to match its employee’s contributions by Mr. Sasikumar Allidurai, please check http://www.wereachout.org/CorporateProg.aspx to see the organizations matching their employees contributions to WeReachOut and take advantage of their gift matching offer to double your contributions if you are working in any of these organizations.


11)   How can you help?

a)      Spread the message about this platform to make it useful for many to reach more deserving students back in India.

b)      Help us find needy students from your district/city through your trusted contacts.

c)       Help us reach our financial goal for this year’s sponsorship with whatever donation you can make and all your contributions are 100% tax deductible and 100% of your contribution will be given to your students without any deduction for our operational expenses.


Overall, we are making progress on our attempt to make it serve its mission for long time with all your support.


Thank you all for your support and encouragements to this reach out program to continue our services.


Please visit www.wereachout.org  for more information or call us at (408) 368 7568 for any questions or clarifications.


Thank you,

On Behalf of WeReachOut Team

Richard Solomon

(408) 368 7568



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