About us
Founded in late 2004 with the help of Fr.Stanislaus and support from like- minded volunteers in USA, WeReachOut is a non-profit organization without religious or political affiliation focused on education.
After engaging in different type of projects for more than a year, ranging from helping inmates of orphanages to victims of 2004 Tsunami in India, WeReachOut has decided to focus on individual’s education from January 2006.
WeReachOut provides a platform with free, reliable and convenient services for sponsors, to reach out to any well deserving student from their hometown, social network, or educational institution in India with all the tracking capabilities they need to see its impact on their student’s life.
Management Team
Richard Solomon - Chairman
Ramkumar Rangaraj - President
Johnson Paul - Director
Robert Marshall - Director
Martin Raja - Director
Akhil Ponnuswamy - Treasurer
Bala Singh - Secretary
Operations Team
M. Srinivasan - Administrator
Jerry Louis - Corporate Grants
Francis Xavier - Public Relations and Communications
Prakash Ramachandran - Education and Sports Programs
Dwarak Jayaraman - Education and Sports Programs
Anthony Rajan & S. Borgia - Coordinators
David Appathurai - Mentor
Honorary Members
Fr.Stanislaus - Advisor
Sathish Thurai - Admin
Nandhakumar Palanisamy - Admin
Sastry Penumarthy - News & Media
Sandeep Johri - Growth Strategy
Frans Xavier - Operations Strategy
John Durai - Event Planning

"It is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love that is put into them that matters" – Mother Teresa