Welcome to WeReachOut

WeReachOut is a volunteer-operated non-profit organization that provides a platform with free, reliable and convenient services enabling you, the sponsor, to help any needy student from your hometown, social network, or educational institution in India who deserves your support.

We are registered in the United States under category 501(C)(3) and as a registered non-profit organization in India with a dedicated resource to take care of our ongoing activities.
What We Believe What We Do How We Do It
We believe quality education is the greatest gift any child can receive from their parents or anyone who can help them to become a productive member of the society.
We believe there are two important aspects in providing educational assistance to any needy student

1. Scholarship - Providing financial support

2. Mentorship - Providing career guidance

We also believe that the sponsor is the best judge in selecting a deserving student as the beneficiary of their sponsorship, and in doing so see the positive impact on their life, family and society in the long-run.
WeReachOut offers the services of

a. Distributing the sponsor's contribution
b. Monitoring the student’s progress
c. Collecting receipts, progress reports
d. Keeping sponsors informed at all times through E-mail notifications and hosting the status information on our website
e. Involving sponsored students in activities for self-improvement and other productive pursuits
In addition, WeReachOut periodically organizes Career guidance/ Personality development programs to raise their awareness and productivity.
Anyone can join WeReachOut with a free and no-obligation membership to receive updates. Click here to sign up.
All we require is the contact information of the student you want to help with your sponsorship amount.
We will do the rest to make sure your entire contribution is aptly used towards your student’s education and keep you apprised of their academic progress.
Sponsors can select any child of their choice that requires financial help in India and sponsor their education. WeReachOut also scouts for well-deserving and needy students that require financial aid through our volunteers in India.
100% of your sponsorship money goes towards meeting their educational need – no operating costs are deducted and all your contributions are tax deductible. Click here for more detail.
Here is the short version of our presentation about "Why WeReachOut, What we do and How we do it" at the Indian-Fusion Dance Academy event in Nov 2014.

"It is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love that is put into them that matters" – Mother Teresa