Completed Projects
Since January 2006, WeReachOut is focusing on bringing helping minds together to provide guidance and financial support for the students in India who are deserved and in needy situation.
WeReachOut was able to make a little difference in the following students education when they were in need.

Year No.of Students Sponsored
2023 107
2022 121
2021 107
2020 126
2019 161
2018 154
2017 170
2016 200
2015 126
2014 119
2013 118
2012 73
2011 56
2010 52
2009 60
2008 51
2007 67
2006 17
Following are projects that WeReachOut executed from December 2004 to October 2005.
1 Sacred Heart Orphanage 12 Dec 2004 New dress distribution All inmates
22 Apr 2005 Medical camp, Seminar on Healing and Personality Development All inmates
2 Providence Home
(For mentally retarded people)
7 Jan 2005 Medical Camp and Mattress Distribution 42 inmates
3 Tsunami Relief Effort 20 Mar 2005 Project – I Phase 1 135 families
15 May 2005 Project – I Phase 2 33 families
29 May 2005 Project – I Phase 3 93 individuals
30 Dec 2004 Project – II 30 individuals
14 Jul 2005 Project – III 8 students
5 Jan 2005 Project – IV 10 Families
4 Career Guidance to high school students 16 Jul 2005 Career Guidance to high school students - WEREACHOUT Sponsored program 85 students
5 Rehabilitation of the disabled Nov 2005 - Apr 2006 Rehabilitation of the disabled by Punar Jeevan - WEREACHOUT Sponsored program
1. Sacred Heart Orphanage 1. Sacred Heart Orphanage
Place : Perumchilampu, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu
Date : 12 Dec 2004 & 22 Apr 2005
Total Expense : Rs 10,257.50
Project Coordinator : Fr.Stanislaus from Punar Jeevan ( )
Medical Camp : Dr.Shyras
Seminar on Healing and
Personality Development
: Fr.Stanislaus
Summary :
There are 40 inmates in this orphanage, all are female students from 6 th to 10 th standard. Some did not have one parent, others didn't have both their parent. They belong to different religion and different parts of Tamil Nadu. Sisters said the day scholars coming to their school wear new dresses but these kids doesn't have any and they will be happy if we provide them a new dress. Also we understand that they need counseling and a seminar to meet the challenges in the real world. Dr.Shyras & Fr.Stanislaus provided medical, counseling and seminar for healing and personality development.
2. Providence Home (For mentally retarded people)
Place : Perumchilampu, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu
Date : 7 Jan 2005
Total Expense : Rs 11,980.83
Project Coordinator : Fr.Stanislaus from Punar Jeevan ( )
Medical Camp : Dr. Caroline John
Summary :
There are 42 inmates in this home, all are female from Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Some of them are severely retarded and picked up from the streets and some of them have fits and mental illness with retardation. Some of the don't understand what we say and don't sleep. The sisters are very dedicated and asked mattress for some of the inmates in critical condition. We have arranged a medical camp with a help of Dr. Caroline John and distributed 11 mattresses to meet their immediate requirements.
3. Tsunami Relief Effort
Total amount collected : $ 9,791.00
Execution Cost:  
Project – 1 : $ 6,993.80
Project – 2 : $    400.00
Project – 3 : $ 1,697.20
Project – 4 : $    700.00
Total Execution Cost : $ 9,791.00
Details :
Please take a look and see how many families have been benefited from your contribution in this relief work ranging from monetary support, counseling, psychiatric and medical treatment. You really made a difference in their life. The volunteers' time, interest, experience and services in the field are key to the success of this relief effort.
To start with our heartfelt thanks to the project coordinators and executors for their time and effort. Here are the people who made this happen:
Our main volunteer coordinators are Dr.Shyras(Field work and Medical support) and Fr.Stanislaus(Field work and Rehabilitation work)
( ). For the Colachel relief effort, we had the opportunity to work with Mr. Dhason (Ret. Teacher – St: Mary's H.S.S, Colochel), Mr. Berlin, Mr. William, Ms. Katheeja, Mrs. Bernerth, Mrs. Josephine, and Mrs. Rosily. For the Nagarcoil relief effort Mr.John Durai and Mrs. Isabella John & their family helped us tremendously. Fr.Arul Raj & his team led the Nagapattinam effort and Fr.John Bosco & his team helped the Nanganeri, Tirunelveli Dist relief effort.
3.1. Project – I
Our major project is executed in 3 phases in Colachel and nearby places (Simon Colony, Vaniya Kudi, Mara Madi, Kottil Padu, Alzhikal, Pillai Thoppu, Periya Vilai, Kadiya Pattanam and Mela Manakudi).
Executed On : March – May 2005
Location : Colachel and nearby places
Coordinator : Dr.Shyras & Fr.Stanislaus
Phase 1 :
Executed On : 20/03/2005
Total no of families benefited : 135
Expenses : Rs 1, 69,034.70
Phase 2 :
Executed On : 15/05/2005
Total no of families benefited : 33
Expenses : Rs 38,457.70
Phase 3 :
Executed On : 29/05/2005
Total no of individuals benefited : Rs 95,130.00
Total Expense : Rs 1, 69,034.70 + Rs 38,457.70 + Rs 95,130.00 = Rs 3,02,622.00 ($ 6993.80)
Dr. Shyras and Fr. Stanislaus with the support of their team of volunteers did a great job of coming up with guidelines to select the individuals/families who were in need. They've selected 168 families from 3000 affected families based on their economic situation and the effect of Tsunami on their lives. The deliverables were Dresses, Utensil kit, Medicine kit and educational kit for school going kids. For some families we have deposited Rs.1000 in the bank so that the children can use it when they need it.
3.2. Project – II
Executed On : 12/30/2004
Location : Asaripallam Govt. Hospital, Nagercoil
Coordinator : Mrs. Isabella John & her family
Beneficiaries : 30 people who were admitted to the hospital and receiving treatment.
Total Amount : Rs 16,864.00 ($ 400.00) + 1 box of cloths from US.
The main purpose of the first phase of our relief work is to meet the immediate requirements of the victims with our little contribution at that time. This includes a box of clothes we have collected here in US along with new sarees, dhotis, bed sheets to the victims admitted in the Asaripallam Govt. Hospital in critical condition.
3.3. Project – III
Executed On : 07/14/2005
Location : Nanganeri, Tirunelveli Dist
Coordinator : Fr.John Bosco & his team
Beneficiaries : 8 students from Tsunami affected families
Total Amount : Rs. 73,828.20 ($ 1,697.20)
We would be sponsoring these students for a one-year Central government certified computer course - COPA (Computer operator and Programming assistant). The course also provides Internet technology exposure to the students. The sponsorship includes the student's fees, hostel accommodations and food expenses for the full year. The course provides the students an immediate opportunity to work upon its completion. Based on past years results the students who completed the course have been able to get into jobs that pay up to Rs.4000/month. This would provide the families of the student's to have a steady source of income and also be a good launching pad for the students to continue their education and enrich our society.
3.4. Project – IV
Executed On : 01/5/2005
Location : Velankanni, Nagapattinam
Coordinator : Fr.Arul Raj & his team
Beneficiaries : 10 Families
Total Amount : Rs 29,556.00 ($ 700.00)
This is also to meet the immediate requirements of small portion of the most affected victims in Velankanni, Nagapattinam, Which was a terribly affected place in Tamil Nadu. Fr. Arul Raj and his team members from Bishops House have identified 10 families in desperate situation to help with this little amount we have collected within a couple of days after tsunami. Each family received kitchen utensil kid and Rs 500.00 for their temporary living expenses to feed their families until they get more help from Govt. or other non-profit organizations.
4. Career Guidance to high school students - WEREACHOUT sponsored program
WeReachOut sponsored Personality development programs to 10 corporation and low-income family schools.
Duration : November 2005 to March 2006 (5 Months)
Total Budgeted Amount : Rs.50,000 (Fifty thousand Rupees) - (Approximately $1150)
List of schools to be benefited:
* Government Boys Hr.Sec. School, Kodampakkam.
* Government Girls Hr.Sec. School, Choolaimedu.
* Corporation Girls Hr.Sec. School, Tiruvottriyur.
* P.S. Hr.Sec. School, Mylapore.
* St. Anne's Girls Hr.Sec. School, Broadway.
* St. Anne's Girls Hr.Sec. School, Madavaram.
* St. Anne's Girls Hr.Sec. School, T.V. Malai.
* St. Raphael's Girls Hr.Sec. School, Santhome.
* St. Antony's Girls Hr. Sec. School , Mylapore.
* Infant Jesus Matriculation Hr.Sec. School, Manali.
* St. Mary's Matriculation Hr.Sec. School, Washermenpet Ch-21.
* Karthikeyan Matriculation Hr.Sec. School, Vadapalani.
1. Parent effectiveness programme (8 to10 schools)
November & December 2005 (4 schools)
January (3 schools)
February (3 schools)
  2. Class Leaders training programme for 6,7,8 std (1 day) 9, 10 std (1 day) 11 and 12 std(1 day)
3. ‘Students counselor' training programme for 40 teachers from 8 to 10 schools. (November 26 th and January 21 of 2006 in AICUF House, Nungambakkam / ICSA centre, Egmore
1."Student's Counselor" Training:
Teachers are introduced about psychological counselling.
* They will be able to identify the children who are really in need of psychological help.
* They will also identify talented and deserving students those who are in need of our support in future.
* They are trained to deal with problematic children in the beginning level.
Programme details:
Participants Three /four teachers from 8 to 10 schools (30-40 teachers)
No. of Days 2 days.
Dates Nov 26 of 2005 and January 21 of 2006
Venue AICUF House, Nungambakkam / ICSA Centre, Egmore.
Trainers Dr. G.V. Kumar, Chief Psychologist, Port Trust, Chennai Mr. Chandra Mohan, HRD Trainer, Part time Lecturer inMadras school of social work. Mr. Shangmuga Sundaram, HRD Trainer – Value Plus. Mrs. Latha Girish, Feel – Talk Organization, psychologist and student counselor. Mr. T. Sathish, HR Trainer
2. Class Leaders Training:
* To motivate other students to do better in their classes.
* Utilising their times profitably.
* Identifying problematic students in their classrooms and informing their needs to the local school counselors.
* Creating a good atmosphere in the classroom during free time and the possible hours.
* All the class leaders will come under a group called Personality Development club (PDC).
* PDC will be maintained by our trained teachers in future.
Programme details:
Participants All class leaders of all the above 10 schools
No. of Days 3 days.
Day 1 For 6, 7, 8 class leaders.
Day 2 For 9 th and 10 th class leaders.
Day 3 For 11 th and 12 th class leaders.
Venue Any one of the above schools.
Trainers Mr. T. Sathish, Teacher and HR Trainer. Mr. H. Pascal, Teacher and HR Trainer. Mrs. Anne, Teacher and HR Trainer.
3. Parent Effectiveness Programme:
Parents will come to know
* How to handle children?
* What makes them happy?
* What lesson to be taught?
* What instructions should not be given?
And also they will learn how to be a model for them by their own life and values.
* They will be informed about today's nature of children.
* Need and importance of stress management and available programme.
* Different studies and courses
* Leadership abilities.
Programme details:
No. of Days 4 Hours Programme, ( 2 Hours lecture + 2 Hours Questions, answers & queries ) .
Venue Respective Schools
Moderators Dr. G.V. Kumar
5. Rehabilitation of the disabled by Punar Jeevan - WEREACHOUT Sponsored programme
Duration : November 2005 to April 2006 (6 Months)
Total Budgeted Amount : Rs.48,200 (Forty thousand and two hundred Rupees) - (Approximately $1050)
Persons with disabilities remain marginalized in every community, though the degree may vary. Their lives are constrained and conditioned by social attitudes, which stem from prejudice. The reality in rural areas is alarming and the rural disabled become more disadvantaged when they encounter social, cultural and attitudinal barriers which severely limit opportunities to participate in the life of the community in which they live.
A person's self concept is, largely a product of other people's evaluation of him. Being disabled involves experiencing discrimination, vulnerability and abusive assaults upon one's self-identity and self-esteem. When the individuals become dependent on others for their basic needs, due to lack of income earning opportunities, it further decreases their self-esteem.
Therefore there is a dire need to rehabilitate the disabled, so that they can lead a meaningful life. Punar Jeevan proposes to do the above service in valliyoor region.
The project is to be implemented in valliyoor block, which is in the southern part of Tirunelveli district. There are 16 villages in valliyoor block and the total populations of these villages are 46000. The living conditions of the people are very poor. Vitamin deficiency, Asthma, T.B. etc. are quite common since they live in an unhealthy environment.
The disabled will have functional and economic self-reliance due to the vocational training and rehabilitation programmes.
The specific objectives are,
I. To identify the disabled
II. To asses the degree of disability
III. To evolve a personalized comprehensive rehabilitation plan for each one of them.
IV. To enlarge the scope of vocational and professional opportunities, income generation and gainful occupations.
V. To sensitize the parents and the relatives of the disabled through counseling and related inputs.
I. Proposed Activities
* Field visit, Awareness Camps
* Identifying the disabled
* Rehabilitation Camp
* Assessing the disabled
* Therapeutic Services
* Vocational skill development
* Income generation activities
* Follow up
II. Project period
The project will be implemented over a period of six months. During the first five months awareness programmes and identification will be followed. On the sixth month rehabilitation will be conducted for assessment and vocational guidance.
III. Rehabilitation Camp
Under the guidance of the district Rehabilitation officer, there will be a special camp for the disabled in which the following professionals will avail of their services
* Neurologist
* Psychiatrist
* Ophthalmologist
* ENT specialist
* Ortho physican
* Physiotherapist
1) The society becomes aware of the problems of the disabled and is a source of support to them.
2) The parents and the home people accept the disabled and help them in their empowerment
3) The disabled will benefit from the therapeutic services available
4) Chronic schizophrenics and chronic epileptic patients will get the necessary treatment from the Government Medical College
5) The MR and CP children will undergo training in the special School
6) Those who have 40% disability will be given identity cards. This helps them to get scholarships in educational institutions free pass in the transport systems and reservation in Government employment.
7) The disabled will be given vocational training in some NGOs.
8) Efforts will be taken to find a placement for the trained persons.
9) Those who would like to venture self-employment will be supported for income generation by enabiling them to mobilize credit through linkages with bank and other financial institutions.
"Money is only one of currencies of life." – Richard Carlson