Corporate Sponsorship & Gift Match Programs :
Wereachout had initiated a corporate reach out program from academic year 2007. Since its launch we have made significant strides in making this program a success with several companies that have included Wereachout as a registered charity organization for contributions of their employees.
In addition to this status, this will enable Wereachout to receive matching funds from the corporations as part of their employee contribution matching programs.
This will not only make Wereachout more visible in the company but also double the value of an Individual sponsorship. This will let us reach out to more deserving students and help them with their education through sponsorship.
The companies and the Wereachout member, responsible for getting the company on board are,
Corporation Name
WeReachOut Contact person
Jerry Louis
Nandha Palanisamy
Leenus Rich
Ram Kumar
Sandeep Johri
Arun Sundaramoorthy
Lawrence Gasper
Vijay Adtta
Sasikumar Allidurai

If you are a representative of a corporation that wishes to participate in this program please contact us at .
We can provide you the relevant background information to enable you to include us as a registered charity organization for matching contributions and other grants as well.
If you are a sponsor or volunteer and would like to include your company in this program, please contact the person in your HR department and have Wereachout included as registered charity organization for matching contributions. This will stretch your contribution dollars and will help Wereachout expand its reach to help more students in need.