1) Sponsorship Process if the Student is identified by WeReachOut -
1. A list of students identified by WeReachOut for sponsorship is available in the Students-In-Need section.
2. View the list of students in the "Students-In-Need" section and identify a student of your choice.
3. Click the “sponsor now” link and provide your name, E-mail and how much you would like to contribute to the selected student and submit the application.
4. Send a check for the sponsorship amount to WeReachOut’s postal address or make the payment using PayPal.
5. We will secure the funds, assign you as the sponsor for the student you selected and initiate the sponsorship distribution process.
2) Sponsorship Process if the Student is identified by you the Sponsor -
1. Submit the contact details (address) of the student you have identified for your sponsorship to WeReachOut.
2. WeReachOut’s representative will send your student the Student Detail form to their address with guidelines to open a bank account in their name to receive your sponsorship.
3. Students returns the completed form with all the required information including account name to get the check issued through WeReachOut.
4. New student record will be created on our website, and you, the sponsor, can view all the information by login to our portal.
5. A check equivalent to your sponsorship amount will be sent to your selected student with an acknowledgement receipt to get thier confirmation.
6. Students acknowledge the amount received via the receipt and also periodically send progress reports and other special requests to WeReachOut office in India.
7. WeReachOut representatives collect these updates, upload the scanned documents onto our website and notify you via E-mail of the uploads. You, the sponsor can then view them via your website account.
8. You can log into WeReachOut website and view any activity (money received, distributions, student progress and other information) of every student you have sponsored.
9. WeReachOut also assists sponsors in their student selection process by providing a list of well deserving and needy students identified by our volunteers through Students-In-Need section for sponsorship.
"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one" ~Mother Teresa